We do it right

Policy and environmental quality of A. RICO is based on the following objectives:

To achieve maximum customer satisfaction based on expectations of them, by performing services to meet the specified requirements and, where applicable, the laws and regulations aplicable.Mantenerse in front of the sector by increasing competitiveness by improving the quality and the environment. Improve internal management, preventing and avoiding deficiencies in quality and the environment, by improving the management system of Quality and Environment.

Motivate and train staff in their professional development and enhance their personal and responsible working attitude and enhance teamwork among employees and suppliers ambiental.Cumplir raising awareness and environmental legislation at all times and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, and the extent possible, anticipate future legal provisions and / or forthcoming to pollution prevention and minimization of environmental impact of our activities, or induced them to regularly monitor the environmental aspects of operations, taking corrective measures when necessary, both in normal operation and in emergency situations.

“Quality: is the ability to meet the needs of the client. Get quality is not engaged to make every activity and subsequent checks”

Traductor To succeed in politics and environmental quality stated, the Department of RICO COACHES encourages all staff and rely on your support and participation as an individual and joint commitment ensures the compliance of services with the requirements of customers and, ultimately, the competitiveness of the Company.

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